I hurt my knee back at the beginning of December, and have been stuck on the sidelines while all my friends enjoy all the hiking, biking and boating that the Ocoee River area is surrounded by.  I finally had surgery a little over a month ago, and have been on the mend ever since.  Yesterday marked the first time I’ve been able to be in a boat since Mid-October 2010, and boy was it a perfect day.   The thermometer on Billy’s car said 70 degrees when we made it to the takeout, sunny, warm weather, great scenery, another great day on the river.

We paddled Clear Creek into the Obed, a National Wild and Scenic River.  Nothing super exciting rapid wise, but there were some really fun wave trains and at least one rapid big enough to give me my maiden swim of 2011!  I didn’t get any pictures of the rapids, but here are a few scenic shots, this is a really pretty place, and at the water level we had tons of fun!